Tribhuvan University Central Department of Education (Nepal), Kathmandu University School of Education (Nepal), and Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway), are pleased to announce this call for abstracts for the conference on integrating ICTs in education. The theme of the conference is Access, Quality and Equity in ICT Integrated Education. By recognizing the growing importance of ICT in education (pedagogy, assessment, interaction and access), this conference brings scholars, researchers, students, and teacher educators together to discuss multiple issues, challenges and opportunities related to the integration of ICTs in education. The conference focuses on three broad areas of ICT integration in education: access, quality and equity. Access covers the use of various ICT tools to provide distance mode education in that educational programs are made available for the students who may not have time to attend the face-to-face classes. Quality deals with ensuring increased interaction, meaningful feedback and effective assessment techniques while equity deals with participation, voice, and representation of learners from different sociocultural background with different identity and epistemology. To discuss these broad areas, we invite proposals for individual papers, panel discussions, workshops, and poster presentations that focus on any of the following specific areas:

  • ICT Policies, praxis and innnovations
  • ICT pedagogies, tools and techniques
  • Gender, inclusion and indigenous knowledge in ICT-based pedagogy
  • ICT in teacher education: Agency, autonomy and professionalism
  • Culture and assessment in online environments  

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