A renowned educationist of Nepal having experiences in different fields Prof. Mana Prasad Wagley was engaged in higher education instructional processes for 40 years, working as a Professor of Tribhuvan University for 30 years. He served one of the prestigious universities of Nepal, Kathmandu University, as a Dean for five years and as Professor for 10 years. Starting his career from school teaching he has served the nation as a Professor, consultant, TVET expert, researcher, administrator and many more. He also has a profound knowledge in TVET working with Switzerland and UK projects in Nepal, worked as NQF coordinator in Nepal and recently performed a role of Team Leader to prepare National Qualifications Framework for Micronesia as international consultant.  He has experiences of working in many international contexts in the past. He has earned a degree of PhD from Southern Illinois University, USA in 1986 and his MS in Education from the same university in 1985. Besides this he has earned a Master degree in education and a degree of Law from Nepal in 70’s. He has served Government of Nepal as member of High Level National Education Commissions. He has contributed National Planning Commission of Nepal by preparing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks and Education Development Plans. Advocating for Open and distance education for more than 2 decades he has contributed to establishing Open University in Nepal where he works now as a member of the Academic Council. In fact he worked as a Director of Radio Teacher Training Project, Distance Education Projects, Open Education Programs in both the school levels and higher education levels. He has also collected international educational experiences by visiting and participating in academic activities in 25 selected countries.